Introduction to Programming (C, Processing) 2012 – Present
Product Development Process 2010 – Present
Introduction to Engineering Design 2009 – Present
Experimental Design 2009 – Present
HCI & UX Design 2013
Ergonomics 2011
Introduction to Design Engineering 2010 – 2011
Engineering Programming (MATLAB) 2010 – 2011

Invited talks and presentations  
Precedent Rapid Prototyping Techniques (Hyundai NGV) 2014 – Present
Mobile UX/UI Design (SK Planet T-Academy) 2010 – Present
Design Expert Course (SK Planet T-Academy) 2012 – Present
Frequency-Separated Principle: A Hidden Interaction Design Rule
(UXAP Conference: Experience 2014, HCI 2014)
UX/UI Design Principles and UX Sketch (LG Electronics UX Dept.) 2013
Physical UX Design (Samsung UX Center) 2013
UX/UI Design Principles (UXPA Korea Seminar) 2013
Review of Car Smart Interface (DNA, KETI)
Review of Smart TV e-Manual (Hankook Research)
Global Design Review (Samsung Electronics)
Automobile Benchmarking for Finding Successful USPs (Hyundai-Kia Motors)
Agile User Experience Prototyping (SKT-KAIST Contents Development Strategy Course) 2011-2012
Elements for Emotional Interfaces (KIST) 2011
Logical UI / Information Architecture (Samsung Electronics) 2010
Mobile UI Master Course (SK Telecom) 2010
Elements and UX Sketch for Emotional Interfaces (Hyundai-Kia Motors Ergonomics R&D Forum) 2010
Trends and Evolutionary Properties of Mobile UX (Korea Intellectual Property Office) 2010
Developing Human-centered Products for Human (Sungkyul University) 2009