Selected Korean Patent Registration (Total 31)

스마트 수도꼭지 시스템  (특허번호 제 10-1845804호)

공작기계 형상정보 입출력장치 (특허번호 제10-1563722호)

Event display apparatus for mobile terminal (1008026150000)
Method of supplement location based message for mobile station (1006872280000)
A mobile telecommunication having an unified remote control function and the remote control setting method (1007103530000)
An automatic response message sending device for a mobile telecommunication device and the method (1006723580000)
Menu list searching method in the electronic apparatus (1005944560000)
Personal portable communication terminal having an auto schedule managing function and controlling method (1006056280000)
A mobile telecommunication device having a vibration pattern generation function and a vibration pattern generating and transmitting method (1012591110000)

Selected Foreign Patent (US, EU, Japan, China) (Total 17)

Method and apparatus for navigating menu in display part of electronic device
Terminal including light emitting device, method of notifying selection of item using the terminal and method of notifying occurrence of event using the terminal
File e.g. music file, managing method for e.g. mobile communication device, involves selecting file from displayed file list, and accessing selected file when input value of file corresponds to identifier
Event display apparatus for mobile communication terminal and corresponding computer program product